Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

My Idol

I have an actress idol. Her name is Ida Ayu Kadek Devie. But, her nick name is Devie. Ida Ayu Kadek Devie is better knows as an Indonesian actress. She was born in Bandung, on 7th November 1985. She is twenty five years old. She usually called Balinese descent girl. Her religion is Islam.
Ida Ayu Kadek Devie is a beautiful actress. She has long hair. Her hair is straight and black. Her nose is pointed. Devie has white skinned and nice build.
Because Devie’s face is beautiful, so she called famous actress in Indonesia. She started career at entertainment in 2003 when she participated at ”Gadis Sampul” election and become one of Top Guest 2003 in Aneka Yess!! Magazine, a famous magazine for teen girls in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.
Ida Ayu Kadek Devie for FTV soap opera fans must have seen the sweet face and pretty. It’s quite a lot of activity in both soap operas and commercials she had lead roles, namely in the FTV “Cowok Gue Pendek Bener”. She is actress in advertisement “Fuji Film”, “Esia”, “Easy Splash Cologne”, “Bedak Fun Bo”, etc. She usually to be actress at “Tawa Sutra Bisaa Ajaa”.

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